BEST COLORS FOR SMALL BATHROOMS: A complete guide by Painters in Austin

Colors for Small Spaces: Bathrooms

It's a misconception that a small place must be painted white to appear larger. Any color you find relaxing can work in a bathroom of any size. While homeowners with small spaces have traditionally been steered away from dark colors, today's design experts encourage the use of colors you love—even dark ones—in the bathroom, because it is a personal space. Done properly, deep colors in a small room can camouflage the size of the space. Stick with colors that soothe you or make you feel like you're in a cozy space. We here at Painters in Austin are here to help walk you through this process including color selection and application.

For blues, greens and deep neutral shades, layer varying shades of the same color in your trim, floor finishes and window treatments. This will keep the room from looking chopped-up and help give it a more unified feeling. Some very deep colors, such as charcoal and taupe, will allow the corners to fade away from view, visually expanding the space. You can choose high-gloss colors to reflect light in the space. You can also paint one wall a deeper shade that will recede visually, making the space appear larger. Paint a stripe or stencil pattern on one wall to create a focal point and draw attention away from the room’s small size.

Earth tones and neutrals are a frequent choice for small bedrooms and bathrooms alike. If you prefer softer shades, grey, green or yellow can lighten a small room. Neutral shades can make the wall visually recede into the background, making the room appear larger and bringing more attention to the accessories in the room.

White can work well in a smaller space, but be careful with stark white, since it can make spaces of any size feel cold. Soft tones of cream, butter or ivory are good choices, as are whites with a touch of grey, green, blue, or even pink. Layer complementary shades of white or choose accessories in a favorite color. White is usually the best choice for a small room’s ceiling; however, if you have chosen a shade for your bathroom walls that will look good with very pale blue, that is also a good choice to make a ceiling look higher.

Here are a few color schemes you can derive inspiration from:

  1. Mellow purple: Color-blocking is a great way to play with color if you don’t want to cover the entire room in one experimental shade. Choose a soft purple for below the chair line to give a rustic farmhouse-style bathroom a more romantic touch.
  2. Forest green: With a slim cylindrical sink and lone pendant light, a small bathroom is perfectly proportioned. But since there’s no room for any decorative extras and even the essential pieces can’t take up too much space, the only way to make a power move design-wise is with a bold paint color.
  3. Light green: The floral skirted sink vanity and complementary painted green walls make every day feel like a fresh spring morning in this cheerful bathroom. The two tones of green paint speak to the many shades in the floral fabric skirt as well as the wallpaper
  4. Baby pink: We love the eclectic artwork against the baby pink walls of this powder room. A teeny tiny bathroom is the perfect place for a playful paint color since there’s not room for any other decorative statements.

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