HOW TO FIX PAINTING MISTAKE ON WALLS 101: A complete guide by Painters in Austin

How to fix painting mistakes on walls: the tips and tricks you need

Fixing Paint Mistakes has never been easier with Painters in Austin

To err is human, and its our job at Painters in Austin to help you fix those! Let’s take a look at some of the most common painting mistakes and what you can do to salvage the job: 

  1. Errant Paint Drips or Minor Spills

Solution: If you’re an amateur painter, it’s always a good idea to have a commercial paint remover like Goof Off® on hand to clean up drips before the paint has a chance to fully dry. A damp rag also works, too, if you catch it early!

  1. Paint Splattered on Glass Windowpane

Solution: If you do not have paint remover product available, allow the errant paint to dry and scrape it off with a razor blade.

  1. Blotchy Coverage

Solution: Allow the paint to dry completely and then apply another coat of paint.

  1. Paint Blisters

Solution: Allow the paint to dry and then sand and scrape off the blisters. Follow up by priming and painting once you’ve removed the bubbles.

  1. Paint Drips and Runs

Solution: Allow the paint to dry, then sand and scrape off the drips and apply another light coat of paint.

  1. : Paint on the Ceiling

Solution: If you catch the mistake while the paint is still wet, you can spray window cleaner solution on a clean paint brush and wipe off the paint. Once the paint has dried, touch up with matching ceiling paint and a small brush.

  1. Roller Marks

Solution: If you see obvious roller marks on your wall, wait until the paint dries, and using the same roller cover or type, start from one corner and always keep a wet edge of paint as you move across the surface with a second coat.

  1. Messy Trim

Solution: If the paint is still wet, try to dab or wipe with a damp cloth to remove the mess. Otherwise, allow the paint to dry completely, lightly sand the problem area, remove the dust with a cloth, and then touch up with a clean brush and paint.

Preparation Is the Key to Fixing Paint Mistakes on Walls

Mistakes happen. The easiest way to get your DIY paint job done right is to be prepared. Have all of the necessary finish-saving supplies on hand before you begin, including paint remover, window cleaner, razor blades, sandpaper, extra paint, and clean brushes for touch-ups.

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