HOW TO STORE PAINT BRUSHES? A complete guide from Painters in Austin

Storing Paint Brushes

Once your project is complete it is time to clean and store your brush until the next time you need it, using these steps:

  • Clean your brush before the paint has a chance to dry, first removing any excess paint by running the brush along the rim of the paint can and then brushing in a crisscross pattern across one or more sheets of newspaper.
  • Clean the brush thoroughly, using water for latex-based paint and the appropriate solvent for oil-based products.
  • Wash the brush with soap and water to remove any leftover solvent and slap the brush against the edge of your work table or deck railing to get rid of surplus water.
  • Reshape the bristles by hand or use a paint brush comb.
  • Hang the brush vertically with the bristles facing downward.

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