Painting 101: SPRAYING VS. BRUSHING: A complete guide by Painters in Austin

Spraying Vs. Brushing: Paint Application tips and tricks

When deciding whether to spray or brush, there are a few factors to take into account. If your project is small, it may be easier to have your house hand brushed. For a small house, if you pick spraying, you may end up spending more money on the preparation and clean up rather than painting. If you have a tight timeline, spraying may be the better option because it is faster than traditional brushing and requires a lot less time. We, at Painters in Austin are here to help walk you through this process and to help you pick the method that will yield the best results. Keep reading to find out!

  1. Spraying Paint

There really is no faster way to apply paint than using an airless sprayer. You can cover an entire wall in minutes instead of hours, but like everything, speed doesn’t always equate to quality. Here are some of the key benefits of using an airless sprayer.


  1. Incredibly fast application
  2. One coat coverage
  3. Smooth finish free of brush/roller marks
  4. Can get into hard to reach areas


  1. Long prep and clean up time
  2. Uneven coverage (sometimes too thick)
  3. Uses 2-3 times as much paint as brushing
  4. Poor adhesion
  5. Can’t paint on windy days

Applying paint with an airless sprayer can be very challenging if you don’t have a lot of practice using the sprayer. Like any tool, airless sprayers take a lot of practice before you can apply a smooth even coat of paint. Beginners will get over-spray, drips and runs, they’ll often have an uneven coat with some spots of heavy paint build up and some spots that are just too thin.

Paint spraying also uses 2-3 times as much paint as brushing or rolling. Not all of that extra paint goes onto the house either. Most of it ends up wasted in the hose line or as over-spray.

Even with these issues, there are some tight spots like around utilities that can’t be done cleanly without spraying and you really can’t beat the speed.

2. Brushing Paint


  1. Excellent control
  2. Very good adhesion
  3. Even, uniform coverage
  4. Gets paint into nooks and crannies better than spraying


  1. Slow, laborious application
  2. Can require 2 or more coats
  3. Can leaves brush marks
  4. Obstructions make for difficult application

Nothing comes close to the control you get with a quality brush. You can cut in tight corners and paint nice straight lines that are impossible to attain with a sprayer. For detail work, the only acceptable way is to use a brush. Yes, it is slow, but you will get an even, uniform coat of paint and much better adhesion than with spraying alone.

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